Justice for New York's Disabled

(1) Manhattan must become fully accessible! Residential buildings, schools, businesses, cultural institutions, and the MTA must invest in improvements that will make New York City a more inclusive place to live, work and visit. 
   – Offer financial incentives to building owners for upgrades and installations of equipment that will allow all Manhattan residential buildings to become fully accessible by 2030.
   – Work with small businesses and their landlords to ensure that their spaces are ADA compliant, with sturdy ramps and arm rails, wider doorways, and fewer obstacles and trip hazards. 

(2) Make sure that no disabled individual will be paid a salary less than their able colleagues.

(3) Negotiate financial incentives with employers to hire more disabled employees.

(4) Ensure that disabled New Yorkers are appointed to community and education boards.

(5) Offer the disabled children of Manhattan the very best education possible, prioritizing the needs of District 75 schools, NEST programs, ICT classes, and other initiatives. Incentivize high quality teachers for these programs and ensure that co-locations do not hinder the learning environment for our disabled children.

(6) Families of disabled children to be fully supported so that not one disabled child will be left behind, or allowed to suffer if the family lack adequate finances.

(7) All school buildings in Manhattan shall be fully accessible according to federal ADA law by 2030.

(8) No disabled individual of Manhattan to be without quality health care, or if needed, a caregiver to provide support.

(9) Healthcare must also be provided to the caregiver.

(10) Strengthen tenant laws so that no disabled Manhattan resident shall be evicted, until a city crisis team is sent to evaluate and rectify the problem.

(12) All 34 city controlled cultural institutions to offer free/ pay as you can entry to disabled visitors and their caregivers.

(13) All private cultural institutions and businesses to offer discounted admission and memberships to disabled visitors at the lowest price point available (caregiver free) These policies must be conspicuously posted at box offices and websites.