Reform the NYPD

The NYPD has too many responsibilities, and its budget includes a significant amount of waste. We also need to get the NYPD out of our public school system and demilitarize. 

Police officers should not be the primary response to medical calls, noise complaints, and homelessness, and the Department has proven incapable of confronting its systemic racism at the cost of black and brown lives. Resources should be shifted from the bloated police budget to fund schools, parks, housing, health care, and other essential social services.

That said, Manhattan neighborhoods must be safe, and we are experiencing a rise in gun violence, various forms of theft, and hate crimes throughout the borough. We need leaders who can find united among the stakeholder groups that have formed on this issue in order to work with the NYPD and other agencies on solutions that help everyone.

Finally, more than half of NYPD officers do not live in New York City, and according to data less than five years old, only 4% live in Manhattan. How can we expect essential workers who cannot afford to live in or near their own neighborhoods to take care of our neighbors? 

I am the only candidate for BP who has spent time on the street as an Auxiliary Police Officer, and I am the leader you can count on to help us navigate this complex issue moving forward.