Mom. Community Activist. Education Advocate. Business Leader.


I am running for Manhattan Borough President because New York's government has failed New Yorkers. It works for the super-rich and the politically connected, but not for the rest of us. For restaurant workers, nurses, teachers, firefighters, sanitation workers, and most public school parents (like me), 2021 is our chance to take a stand. We want change. We demand a local government that serves us.

Governing NYC District 3 Public Schools

I currently serve as the President of Community Education Council (CEC3 - NYC version of school boards), my third 2-year term. I led the public schools of the Upper West Side and Lower Harlem through the historical elementary school rezoning of 2016 and NYC's first middle school diversity initiative. I am the founder of the Harlem Schools Summit and the Model CEC3 program, which amplifies the voices of D3 middle school student leaders. My work with Manhattan's other five school districts led to several borough wide advocacy initiatives involving equity in admissions and programming.

Giving Back to My NYC Community

Like many public school parents, I rolled up my sleeves the first week that my daughter entered kindergarten and served as a PTA leader, garden volunteer, bake sale coordinator, and field trip chaperone. Before motherhood, I served as an Auxiliary Police Officer in the 24th Precinct. I am a Super Steward of the NYC Parks Department and serve on the board of my Harlem HDFC Co-Op. I have also volunteered for several local political campaigns over the years, starting all the way back when I was a high school student in Virginia. Civic duty is in my soul, and I am proud to serve my community.

Leading in the Workplace

Fresh out of undergraduate school, I was tapped to manage more than 200 employees in ticket sales, operations, and guest services at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld Parks, then subsidiaries of the Anheuser-Busch Companies. I moved to Upper Manhattan in 1996 and became Director at the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s New York Race for the Cure. In 2001, I was hired to teach GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) prep for an upstart program called Manhattan GMAT. This teaching gig turned into the position of Marketing and Student Services Senior Director, and is where I turned a single class into a multi-city, multi-million dollar educational company in less than five years.

Now, I work as a part-time private exercise trainer via my company, inSHAPE Fitness, and as a marathon coach for New York Road Runners Club Team for Kids charity. I live with my sound engineer husband, Brian, our daughter, Harper, our dog, Indie, and two cats, Coconut and Michelle.

I believe that your next Manhattan Borough President must be someone who you can trust to wear the many hats required of this position: a steward of civil service, a coalition builder, a manager of people and projects, and a visionary to help reimagine a Manhattan that we all want for the future. Institutional politicians have had their chance, and they have failed. Run with me! I will not let you down.

A Future For Manhattan Centered Around
the People of Manhattan

Government institutions must serve people. For most of us, policies seem designed to serve the people who need the least amount of help. I want to change that. My platform focuses on solutions to the complicated issues that affect our economy, homes, schools, and the health of humans and our planet.