Run With Kim

Your Priorities Are My Priorities

Our People's Agenda represents our common values.  As your People's Manhattan Borough President, my compass will always be:


Equity. Fairness. And Justice.

mission & vision


Our Priorities

Together we will reimagine a better Manhattan for EVERY NEW YORKER. The grassroots movement of PEOPLE POWER is here. 

Giving our Public Schools Back to the Public

We will reclaim our city public schools. Every child deserves a quality education.

Fight for Housing Equity and Affordability

Together we will make NYC affordable again. We will make land-use decisions together.

Champion Quality of Life, Health & Safety Issues

We will champion to improve life in our city. We want cleaner and safer streets, and more.

Fast Track our Economic Recovery

We will reignite and revitalize our economy and generate new jobs, together.

Budget Justice & Government Responsibility

We need an accountable and transparent government. We must ensure we fund those who need it most.

Launch a 2030 Green Manhattan Plan

We need greener solutions to help reduce our carbon footprint. We owe it to our future generations.

Social Justice & Reimagining Policing

We will reimagine community policing while ending structural racism and providing needed services.

Improving Transportation & Infrastructure

We must continue to improve our transportation and infrastructure. These are our city's lifelines.