Manhattan Moms have paid dearly for mistakes our leaders have made since the pandemic began. We have cared for sick loved ones. We have cared for our children in school at home. We retreated from our professional lives, to cook more in home meals and clean more dishes. We have fit PTA zooms, budget advocacy hearings, and political marches into our schedules. 

And we have watched as men (mostly), who make decisions for our city, have avoided responsibility and prioritized the protection of their own power. Even now, almost a year and a half into the pandemic, we continue to experience harm: mismanaged budgets, provocation of discord among constituents, and backroom dealings that ignore the needs of regular New Yorkers. We demand a different way! Momhattan will feature conversations that zero in on the solutions that we need to make to move our city forward, and we plan to celebrate women and mothers along the way!

Our first gathering is about the health of NYC kids. How do we get our kids off their screens? What nutritional changes should we make now to help our kids be ready for the summer? Why did a 12-year old commit suicide in Manhattan recently, how do we help rebuild mental health? Tuesday, May 4 at 6:30 pm in Zoom, Kim will be joined by Dr. Judith Hoffman, an Upper West Side pediatrician and mom, along with school nurse Mary Lawson, and several wellness moms who will discuss exercise, food, screen-time, and mental health. RSVP:

NYC continues to struggle with the most fundamental services that a government should provide, and moms bear the burdens left by government negligence and bias. We need to take the “man” out of Manhattan, and I’m really excited for our first event tomorrow about health,” says Kim Watkins, who is also a marathon running coach with New York Road Runners charity, Team for Kids. She continued, “Our children have been harmed in so many ways, and moms suffer when children suffer. We have to focus on the health, well being, and spirit of young people, to fully recover. That’s what this series is all about!

In the coming days, our team will announce more of the line up, but please contact us at 646-543-5940 or if you have any questions. Our media contact is Susan Epler.

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