Launch a 2030 Green Manhattan Plan 

We must reduce street usage by 20%, increase multi-modal transportation initiatives, add green space, rainwater runoff, & develop long-range climate initiatives.

Getting around Manhattan must get easier. COVID19 has given New Yorkers a glimpse of multi-modal transportation, and we need to take that glimpse and stare at it until we recognize that we cannot continue to live with car and truck traffic, unreliable public transit, and dangerous pathways for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Going back to green is the only way forward. Manhattan island was once an ecosystem of forests, marshes, and farmable land. We can’t go back that far, but we can think of new ways to collect rainwater, we can grow more food in open spaces, we can plant more shade trees, and we can cultivate more gardens. We must empower our communities to take action to improve our habitable land so that we can leave Manhattan to future generations.