George Floyd Statement
Kim's Official Statement on the Guilty Verdict in the George Floyd Murder Trial

I would like to state unequivocally how grateful I am to hear of the guilty verdict for the murder of George Floyd that was delivered today. My campaign centers racial justice, and I know that many New Yorkers feel a sense of relief tonight, knowing that justice has been served in this case. However, as an indicator of accountability for centuries of injustice, Chauvin’s guilty verdict sadly highlights how much work lies ahead, to get closer to equality for black Americans and all people of color. 

To the Jurors, on behalf of myself and all of New York City, thank you. You all have taken on the unbelievably difficult task of listening to this tragic case day in and day out for three weeks as we all watched with shock and anxiousness.  In a country in which we have had to endure the absence of justice for far too long, you have restored hope.  In a country where black lives have been treated as disposable, you said — not one more!  And for that, we are all immensely grateful.

While this might seem like the end of a long, long journey, it is actually just the beginning.  The entire system is next.  It is our hope that we can continue to strive for a more peaceful and safe future for black Americans.  We need to ensure that the same justice is given for Daunte Wright; we have to continue to fight against the police brutality that is plaguing our nation, and we must continue to stand by our BIPOC brothers and sisters in solidarity and protection.  Finally, while justice was served today, there is still so much work to do.  After all, justice is a practice, not an end; so let’s continue to practice what we preach and march towards a better, safer future — together.

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