Fast Track the Economic Recovery 

We must to work with business and community leaders to bring start ups, retail, dining & tourism back to NYC with special focus paid to childcare and other needs of workers.

Expand Relief for Small Businesses: Main Street Manhattan must thrive, which means that we need to offer incentives to start ups, pop ups, micro-businesses, partnerships and other programs that connect retailers to customers.

Expand Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP): employing NYC’s youth through summer jobs demands greater enthusiasm, as leaders take a closer look at how much it means to participants. We should be talking about how we can grow this program, which supports families of essential workers and offers skills-building and experience for teens across the city.

Make Child Care Affordable: Infant and early childcare costs are too high for most low and middle income families. We must incentivize childcare operators so that our workforce can afford to go to work. We also need to incentivize employers to offer childcare.

Empower Manhattan Neighborhoods: Retail store blight is an issue that has been building for years, and the only policy change we have seen in a decade is the establishment of a database of empty storefronts. Community Boards should be able to identify blocks to experiment with pop up shops, garden and composting centers, events and other measures to enliven the neighborhood and support local businesses and generate jobs.